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We could rather proudly proclaim that we have achieved good results in the past four years in the university examinations.
With dedication and determination the college works for the holistic development of a student teacher.
The management has proposed to start Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed) from the academic year    2012-2013.
1. Mrs J.R.Swarupa Rani                Principal              M.A ,M.Ed
2. Mr Y.Ravi Sankar                       Lecturer               M.A, M.Ed
3. Mr B.Viswanatha Sarma             Lecturer               M.A, M.Ed
4. Mr G.Shiva Naganna                  Lecturer               M.Sc, M.Ed
5. Mr Y.Chandra Sekhar                 Lecturer               M.Sc, M.Ed
6. Mr M.Naga Seshulu                   Lecturer               M.Sc, M.Ed
7. Mrs S.Tazoon                            Lecturer               M.A, M.Ed
1. Mr A.Siva kumar                        Lecturer               M.C.A
2. Mr E.Srinivasa Kumar                Lecturer               M.Li.Sc
3. Mr M.Sury Narayana        Physical Education Director  M.P.Ed
Copyright © 2013-2014 Teamwork . All Rights Reserved.
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